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The Travel Industry can be a cruel beast. One month you’re booked solid and can’t find a leopard up a tree without being swarmed by other safari vehicles and the next you’re practically alone in the wide expanse of the Serengeti. But, travelling in the traditional low season definitely has its perks… Here is why you should consider booking your African safari tour in the low season.

1. Savings!

The first, and most obvious, reason to go on an african safari  tour in low season is the specials! Every tour operator and lodge owner is trying their best to fill up their rooms and vehicles – and this means they’re content to drop their prices and take a loss, just to give their staff something to do for these months.
Although many an agent might tell you otherwise, there’s nothing wrong with travelling out of season and saving a few bucks. After all, destinations like the Serengeti are filled with animals year round as well as kitted out with some of the most luxurious camps in Africa, so you’ll still see game and get to live like a king (or queen) for a fraction of the cost. Wild Mind Travel Co. is currently offering low-season rates for all of their tours, even if you book during the high-season!


african safari tour
Large lion in the Ngorongoro Crater

2. Photography

The reason most people come to Africa in the first place is because one image or photographer somehow captures something so absolutely stunning that you simply have to see it first-hand. Africa is lucky enough to have a multitude of stunning photographic destinations and the low season can offer you some of the best opportunities to hone your photographic skills. In the Serengeti rain clouds can create pictures with immense depth and colours that you may not have thought possible in nature. In many southern African countries, low season is actually the best time to see animals as the summer rains have passed and animals flock to water sources. This is the best game viewing time of the year and most foreigners completely miss it.

african safari tour
Family of Zebra in Tarangire National Park

3. Exclusivity

While the camps and lodges in many of Africa’s parks won’t be full, that doesn’t mean you will be treated any less luxuriously than in high season. Quite the opposite usually, as the staff have even more time to pamper and serve you. A partially full camp is the best kind of camp when you want to be treated like a true VIP. As a child I was lucky enough to travel to many of Africa’s best game reserves and what I learnt in my youth is that nothing compares to the feeling of finding a rare member of the Big 5 – and getting to watch it alone for as long as you want. Not crowded by african safari vehicles and loud tourists, simply relaxing and observing without disruption. A true african safari experience!

african safari tour
Sunrise view from Tarangire National Park


Article originally posted by Africa Geographic

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