African Safari Tours Beyond Your Imagination

Wild Mind Travel Company provides modern, authentic, and truly epic African Safaris, Zanzibar Island Tours, and Mount Kilimanjaro Expeditions  in the wildest, most beautiful destination on earth – Tanzania


Travel captures our imaginations, excites our senses and always has us dreaming…  Far off places, enchanting scenery, the untamed wild – to travel is to live. Your passion for travel drives all that we do. Our love of travel makes sure we do it right…

Some countries make noise. Tanzania makes music. Its largest soundstage – the vast Serengeti plains, towering slopes of Kilimanjaro, steaming alkaline lakes, wildlife-laden craters, and gleaming turquoise waters. To travel in Tanzania is to experience all life has to offer and is why our African safari tours are considered second to none.


In Swahili safari means journey. To truly experience all that a safari has to offer, all parts of this journey must inspire..

Wild Mind Travel offers all of the best aspects of the traditional African safari tours, while introducing modern and exciting features that no one else is doing. We make sure every detail of your journey is as memorable as the sight of a lion pride against a Serengeti sunrise. Your comfort, safety, and enjoyment at every moment, is always our number one priority.


Discover Kilimanjaro – the Wonder of Africa! At 5895 meters (19341 feet), Mount Kilimanjaro is the highest point in Africa, and the tallest free-standing mountain in the world! Wild Mind Travel Co. offers 7 exciting routes, and the possibility to customize your own climb! Climbers will be lead by expert guides who will ensure you experience the most enjoyable, memorable and safe experience possible! Combine your Kilimanjaro climb with a Zanzibar Island Vibes tour, Safari, or custom tour!


Tucked 25km from mainland Tanzania, surrounded by the warm, turquoise waters of the Indian Ocean; your perfect holiday awaits…  The spice island of Zanzibar offers everything you could possibly want from a holiday – World Heritage intrigue, old world romance, clear waters, and white sand beaches. A Zanzibar vacation excites all of your senses, and is one you won’t soon forget.



We are a small African safari tour company with BIG ideas. We expect our customers to be passionate and value-minded while also demanding quality. We want our customers to finish their tour knowing they experienced something special.


Before you start your safari, you will be given the opportunity to stay at Honey Badger Lodge in Moshi.  With breathtaking views of Mount Kilimanjaro, this eco-friendly, family-run lodge boasts all of the comforts of home, with uniquely Tanzanian touches that will allow visitors to enjoy local culture and hospitality.

Wild Mind partners with many of the very best accommodation operators in Tanzania. We offer a wide variety of accommodation options for our customers, so we’re able create a tailor-made experience that best suit our customers vision for their greatest adventure!

Fresh, Gourmet Food

We know how important food is during your journey. While many companies, with varying standards, offer the same, basic and underwhelming food to their guests, we have a full-time, restaurant-trained chef, who has designed a fresh and modern menu that rivals the finest eateries in Tanzania. For customers choosing an Adventure Camping experience, Chef Morris takes pride in every meal that is served throughout your journey, and is eager to cater the menu to suit your taste and preferences.

For our customers who chose Mid-Range or Luxury Lodge safari experiences, we have carefully selected our accommodation partners, who offer the highest degree of quality and take tremendous pride in the food that is served to our valued customers.

Luxury African Safari Tour Cruiser

During your safari we provide modern, safe, and state-of-the art equipment, all packed on our luxury safari cruisers. Our vehicles were custom-built to enhance your journey. Ultra-deluxe seats, expanded floor to ceiling windows and extended windscreen, for an ultimate game viewing experience. On-board charging points, WI-FI, and refrigerator so you’re able to share your journey with others (with a cold beverage…).

Adventure Camping & Comfort

Our spacious and ultra-comfortable camping accommodation will allow you to experience the thrill of camping under the stars in the African wilderness, while still getting a good nights rest. Our spacious Tents provide you with ample room to stand up, move around, and store your bags. All tents are equipped with extra-thick, wide and comfortable mattresses, and pillows. All tents are well-lit, and you’ll also be provided with a flash-light to use throughout your journey.

If you decide you would like to upgrade to mid-range or luxury accommodation – great, we want to make sure your experience is tailored exactly to your needs. Our accommodation partners provide first-class amenities that continue our level of service.

Island Vibes – Zanzibar

We know that guests often travel very far to visit Tanzania, and are looking to experience many parts of this incredibly beautiful country. That’s why we are proud to have partnered with Kendwa Rocks Zanzibar to ensure your experience from bush to beach is everything you’ve ever dreamed of.

Kendwa Rocks is a one hour drive from Zanzibar Town, towards the northern tip of the island, and is home to one of the most fantastic beaches in the world! From the beach you see the lighthouse of nearby Tumbatu Island. Sunbathing may be enough, but you can also snorkel, dive or fish while enjoying small boat trips on the turquoise waters. Breathtaking sunsets are an everyday thrill and moonlighted nights on the white sand beach, make for the perfect getwaway. Kendra Rocks is also home to the famous Zanzibar Full-Moon party. This monthly party attracts people from all over East Africa to Kendra Rocks for a night of music, dancing, and island vibes.

The choice of accomodation is ample: choose a spacious beachfront suite or family room, coral stone or palmwood bungalow or just a simple palmwood banda! The rooms are surrounded by coconut trees and lush tropical gardens.

Personalized Experience

Most importantly, our guests will be treated to friendly, enthusiastic and knowledgeable service. Since we are a small African safari tour company, we’re able to pay special attention to all of our customers. With 20-years of combined experience, we will always go above and beyond to make sure you have the best experience possible!

As a licensed and reputable African safari tour operator, we are also represented on SafariBookings.com.